In the last few years, we have seen podcasts becoming an integral part of how leaders learn new perspectives & gather insights they can leverage for their teams.

Sales podcasts are highly interactive, bringing in fresh perspectives of experienced professionals in the industry. Along with sales training, these podcasts cover a variety of sales-based concepts and trends such as-

  1. Industry-specific sales enablement trends
  2. Leading technological advancements in sales coaching
  3. Enabling sales reps with sharper virtual selling skills
  4. Mapping training outcomes to KPIs & sales outcomes

Here are 10 sales podcasts we recommend are worth listening to on Sales Enablement.

1.The Razor's Edge

Hosted by: Barbara Giamanco

Show description: This podcast highlights conversations about sales, social selling, social media, marketing, and doing business in a digitally disrupted world. If you are looking to understand the changing B2B landscape better and find yourself keen on finding out more about why marketing and sales efforts should be aligned, this is one of the best podcasts to refer to.

Our favourite pick: Avoiding Extinction: The Evolution of the Role of First Line Sales Manager

2. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Hosted by: Sam Jacobs

Show description: The Sales Hacker Podcast gives you tangible, practical insights about B2B sales. It includes top VPs of Sales, investors, and founders breaking down sales strategies, and helping you set and achieve your sales goals.

Our favourite pick: How to Turn Relationships into Revenue with Gauri Chawla

3. B2B growth:

Hosted by: James Carbary and Jonathan Green

Show description: In each episode, B2B marketing experts James Carbary and Jonathan Green interview business and sales leaders on leadership, sales and marketing alignment, buyer personas, marketing strategy, and a variety of other topics. While this podcast doesn’t solely focus on sales or sales enablement, they do provide a lot of valuable insights in terms of sales leadership and sales and marketing alignment.

Our favourite pick: How to Turn Your Sales Team into a Dream Team

4. Masters of Enablement

Hosted by: Team Master-O

Show description: This is a one of its kind podcast series talking about various facets of sales enablement and upskilling frontline teams. Though quite new to the world of podcasts, this series includes leaders from various industries giving their opinion on the future of sales enablement and training. Do keep an eye on our website to learn more about reimagining sales enablement through microlearning and gamification in the days to come!

Our Favourite pick: How Microlearning & Gamification Can Rapidly Onboard New Hire Sales Reps

5. Sales Gravy:

Hosted by: Jeb Blount

Show description: This podcast is run by the bestselling author, speaker, and consultant Jeb Blount who covers various sales topics such as high-performance selling, customer experience, strategic account management, team building and skills training, and so on. If you want to get actionable advice on how to close bigger deals more frequently and on a consistent basis, this is a podcast you should definitely follow

Our favourite pick: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Sales Leaders\

6. The Belkins Growth Podcast

Hosted by: Dmitry Chervonyi and Michael Maximoff

Show Description: The Podcast series include a wide variety of guests covering B2B sales and marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship topics. Given that the podcast often digs into areas like audience growth, sales techniques, client engagement, and growth hacking. Though this podcast is of particular interest to Entrepreneurs, this series does offer interesting sales insights which can be put to great use by sales leaders.

Our favourite pick: From SDR Trainee to SDR Manager. What should every SDR know?

7. The Sales Evangelist Podcast:

Hosted by: Donald Kelly

Show Description: This podcast comprises a mix of industry trends, inspiring sales success stories, and practical advice for sales professionals. If you tune into this series, you will find actionable tips and advice which will inspire you to lead your sales team towards success.

Our favourite pick: Sales Microcoaching: How To Improve Your Salespeople In 2 Minutes A Day

8. The Quotable Podcast:

Hosted by: Kevin Micalizzi

Show Description: Quotable is a digital magazine run by Salesforce for proven selling advice to inspire and empower sales leaders, managers, and reps, and those who support them. This series revolves around interviews with proven sales experts who offer valuable sales tips to help drive revenue growth, transform sales enablement practices in your organization.

Our favourite pick: How To Use Inside Sales To Drive Growth

9. The Sales Babble podcast

Hosted by: Pat Helmers

Show description: Pat Helmers, a professional sales coach, interacts with experts around the world in this podcast, to explore common issues and solutions for tech startups. From this series, you can get fresh perspectives that help you view your situation from an entirely different angle. You will also get actionable tips on prospecting, mindset formulation, referral sales, and powerful pitching.

Our favourite pick: How To Hit Your Sales Targets and Not Get Fired with Jeff Goldstein

10. Sales Tuners

Hosted by: Jim Brown

Show description: Sales coach and Sandler Selling trainer Jim Brown interviews sales leaders and experts to identify the habits, mindset, and tactics that will help your sales team in breaking out of mediocre performance and achieve ideal sales targets. If you are an enablement leader looking for the right tools to ramp up the sales productivity of your team, you should definitely follow this podcast.

Our favourite pick: Setting Up A Sales Development Career Path

Have we missed out on any of your favourite podcast picks?

If you would like to feature on our list of sales podcasts, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!