Three Ways How Microlearning Improves Learning Retention

Three Ways How Microlearning Improves Learning Retention

  Microlearning is a buzzword in today’s digital learning environment. It is growing not only as a concept but more so as a learning approach in organizations. Content developed using this approach is more likely to be retained by learners in the long run, as compared to conventional learning approaches….

Master-O Skill Awareness

5 Easy Steps To Create Skill Awareness For Your Organization

The world is changing constantly and so are the skills required by an organization’s workforce. Today, we may not know about half the skills we need by 2020 to achieve high performance or be fully employable at the workplace. New research and constant automation has led to an increase in structure…

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Gamification in Learning and Development

Gamification in Learning and Development – Our Session @ Dopamine 2017

As organizations look to improve workforce productivity and upskill employees to make them successful, there’s an increasing realization among business leaders and L&D executives on the advantages of using gamification in their organization. In partnership with NHRD, InspireOne hosted a session on gamification in learning and development, as part of…

developing millennials with microlearning

Developing Millennials with Microlearning

Millennials already dominate the workforce, and if you look closely you would see the dominance more in the mid and junior level than the senior level. But imagine 10-15 years ahead. Millennials will dominate every corner room office and top floor cabins; holding the most important positions in most organizations…

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How can Organizations use Microlearning?

Source: New technologies or approaches often get labeled as disruptors to an existing way of working or doing things. A big issue in most cases is not adopting the technology but breaking the established habit. The same is true in the learning and development industry and for Chief Learning…

Implementing Gamified Microlearning To Generate Business Results

Implementing Gamified Microlearning To Generate Business Results – A session on People Matters’ TechHR 2017 We are extremely pleased to share that InspireOne Technologies and our gamified microlearning solution Master-O were the virtual conference sponsors for the largest HR technology conference in Asia in August, People Matters’ TechHR. Our virtual session…


10 reasons to digitize your megalearning content to microlearning

  Let us rewind to the 90s. PowerPoint presentations were becoming increasingly mainstream in all aspects of enterprise communication. Companies would adopt PowerPoint for their learning and development programs and before you knew it, PowerPoint slides became the trainers most trusted tool. Fast forward another 30 years later and it’s…


How do you measure ROI in microlearning?

    A lot has been mentioned about the digital transformation that organizations are currently undergoing. According to a PwC survey, annual digital revenue adds up to ~$500 billion over the next 5 years. Enabling digital technologies in select industries is expected to save $421 billion every year for the…