Have you ever wondered what makes the perfect sales representative in present times? Just having the skill to sell does not do it anymore. The sales rep should be equipped with the right behavioural skills and should have the ability to engage in high-value conversations. This is why organizations now are having to look beyond their traditional sales training programs towards sales-readiness platforms

Sales readiness platforms focus on equipping sales reps with execution-based skills which they can use in the field to ramp up their productivity and customer engagement. Given the rising number of sales readiness vendors, it becomes a challenge for organizations to choose the right platform which suits their needs.

Our checklist for choosing the right sales readiness platform will show you some pivotal points to help your reps turn an average pitch into one which closes deals.

1.      Skill development

A crucial outcome of using an efficient sales readiness platform would be to have your sales reps ready with behavioural skills to ramp up on-field productivity. Guiding your sales teams using a variety of interactive learning material and visual cues helps to instill the right behaviour to win more clients. For instance, Roel playing with audio-visual feedback is not only engaging for the reps but also best help in training for on-field situations.

2.      Knowledge enhancement

One of the primary duties of a sales rep is to bring forward relevant knowledge to the customer. Hence, readiness platforms that have a vast library of content catered to specific customer groups, will be a leading choice for training the frontline teams. Knowledge enhancement can be further accelerated with the assistance of AI. Think of an employee who is performing low on a particular skill. AI can help make targeted recommendations that build knowledge.

3.      Microlearning

When it comes to training frontline teams, lengthy traditional learning content isn’t the most effective. This is because these reps are always on the field focused on meeting their targets and barely have spare time to go through extensive content. Microlearning combats this challenge wherein these exhaustive training contents are repackaged to bite-sized modules which the rep can go through in his/her ten minutes of downtime. Furthermore, it makes it easier for sales reps to learn and retain this information. To further enhance learning engagement and retention, many sales-readiness platforms have game-based assessments for these microlearning modules.

4.      Mobile-first learning format

Virtual training is a tool that organizations have been leveraging for over a decade now. However, trainers are still skeptical about building and sustaining engagement during virtual learning sessions and their impact on the learners. Having a sale readiness platform that leverages mobile learning to facilitate virtual training can be an effective way to boost engagement in such cases. Mobile learning presents content in the form of enriched visuals, videos, audios or images, etc. making learning more effortless. Furthermore, imagine your frontline rep being able to learn on the go without having to take out time separately from their jobs!

5.      Flexible learning analytics

When it comes to analytics, generated completion reports are not enough. For sales leaders to make informed decisions about sales training initiatives, your sales readiness platform needs to offer actionable insights. These analytical reports could focus on a wide age of metrics like time taken to finish each module, number of attempts to name a few. Furthermore, the sales readiness should present these analytics in an easy-to-understand and visually appealing dashboard making it easier for users to target relevant information.

About Master-O

When it comes to tracking metrics and ensuring an engaging sales-readiness experience, organizations increasingly rely on sales readiness platforms, like Master-O.

Master-O is a sales enablement & readiness platform, which has aided several sales enablement programs for enterprise customers. The platform is a key driver of sales strategies for many industry leaders and empowers the field force with the right tools and information they require for having compelling sales coaching conversations that lead to higher conversions and customer lifetime values. To make the learning experience more personalized, Master-O helps sales managers tap into various data points and analyses. This gives sales leaders and managers a much-required objective perspective to reimagine their coaching approach and realign it with performance metrics.

To learn more about Master-O along with microlearning and enablement in the flow of work, please visit masteroapp.com or schedule a demo to discover how Master-O can redefine sales enablement for your organization.