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Gamified Microlearning Platform for increasing sales productivity & improving customer service

Empower your sales & customer service workforce with gamified microlearning to improve productivity and business performance.

The most trusted microlearning solution chosen by organizations for improving workforce productivity!

Enable your salesforce and customer service teams to build the competitive advantage you always wanted!

Improve Sales Productivity

Our sales productivity solution allows you to leverage & customize our existing sales training learning path. Contextualize the learning content for your sales force and showcase business results.

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Master-O Product Certifications
Master-O Onboarding Sales Representatives

Onboarding Sales Representatives

Reduce time to productivity and attrition for new hires using Master-O’s sales onboarding learning path. Personalize the journey by including learning content about your company and enable new hires to speak your language in no time.

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Product Certifications

Upskill your sales & customer service teams on any product related updates. Develop product knowledge learning paths using Master-O's content authoring tool.

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Master-O Microskills
Master-O Microlearning


Master-O delivers a truly unique microlearning experience packed with casual mobile gaming experiences that mirror real life scenarios in a fun way that results in better adoption & retention.

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Master-O upskills your workforce to improve productivity using Microskills. Microskills are not only bite-sized and gamified, but also follow a proprietary learning design that ensures higher retention of learning.

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Master-O Integration

Integration: A Seamless Master-O Experience!

Data Integrations and APIs

Master-O offers a variety of ways to easily measure your ROI. If you are looking for something beyond what our dashboards provide, use Master-O’s Reporting API. There isn’t an easier way to build custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

Single-Sign On

Master-O offers a quickly growing package of out-of-the-box non-technical user management Single Sign On (SSO) options. SSO protects and syncs your team’s Master-O access to your system of record (LMS or ERP).

Master-O Customers

Showcase learning efficacy, productivity data & results of microlearning in real time!


Using Master-O, organizations can view learner activity in real time and identify skill gaps. This helps personalize the learning experience by providing each learner with the right microlearning content to improve skills.

The learners' performance improvement is readily available as a report on the Master-O dashboard for demonstration of results achieved.

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