We got a tremendous response on our Webinar on How Gamification & Microlearning Can Quantify Workforce Readiness hosted on 24th September 2020.

Here is a transcript of a very important point of discussion between Namita Patwari, GM HR, Blue Dart and Kartik Mohla, CEO and Founder, InspireOne Technologies:

Kartik Mohla: So talk us a little bit about the specific type of gamification that you chose through and considered as well. Obviously, it's a very broad sense, and (gamification is) a broad word in today's day and age. So I think it'll be good to just distill two or three points on gamification, that were very core for Blue Dartt to consider and get correct from a workforce readiness point of view.

Namita Patwari: Thank you, Kartik, for bringing out such an important aspect when we say that gamification has many version, I must have tried 50 odd versions before zeroing down onto this. When we were finalizing this the first thing that came to our mind was why will a frontliner, or a supervisor working with Blue Dart be interested in doing. It should not be a very lengthy thing, that was the idea which the management also gave us, our CHRO had also mentioned that it should be less than a minute or two. Considering, that our boys are always on the road delivering parcels and talking to our customers. Something related to that we chose, some of the games which are like the way they deliver their responsibilities in real life that really made them so comfortable. It also took away the entire pressure of assessment, because in the traditional assessment the people are so tensed about getting assessed. Herein people were so happy doing it, people who are not even in that segment wanted to do this. That kind of excitement was there because the game version was very very connected to real-time business deliverents. Also, the software and app were so simple for people to operate because these are the ground-level people, they do not have that much time to really get inside and login and watch something. So, it’s basically not just assessment it’s also learning, the entire revision of their daily routines, their daily deliveries, their daily pick-ups. That was really going through an in and out plus people were also repetitively doing the same activity, we had not put a caveat of limited slots and limited time, which was giving us a lot of data points. It was a multi-faceted approach that was being given while selecting the gamification version.