Here is a transcript of a very important point of discussion between Rajendra Ghag, CHRO, Blue Dart and Kartik Mohla, CEO and Founder, InspireOne Technologies during the Webinar held on 24th September 2020 on "How Gamification & Microlearning Can Quantify Workforce Readiness" :

Kartik Mohla: And one data point we wanted to capture for that was of how often did each supervisor go back and attempt those questions even after mandatory completing it, and that was one sense of effectiveness in this initiative that Blue Dart was able to capture and showcase. Which was a great outcome. And just following up on this at high level you did see some insights on what was perhaps positives and what was certain areas you needed to plug in the gaps so to speak on those functional and behavioural attributes. Without getting into the specifics here, how did this help you, what was the feedback that you got from lets say the manager as well as the supervisors and at the leadership level also what does this mean for you.

Rajendra Ghag: Just to look at the colour coding here, flag analysis we always do in our organisation and its good to see there is hardly any red there so to speak. While Namita will get into the details of the data, at our level at the top most level just to legalise you know where in my organisation you know you do get happy that you are not badly put correct, in terms of your current situation but we should also not be complacent and hence we look into the amber areas you know the leadership attributes or behavioural assessments, so these areas, while we plan to roll it out to everyone up to supervisors, we have already covered 3-4 layers pre-pandemic but now post pandemic we plan to do virtual module but we plan to roll it till the last person in supervisory wing which is the leadership attributes. I will actually looking at these colours then, I will put more effort on being results oriented, providing purpose. We will understand from your data as to why did people attempt 3-4 times because they became successful on that question, are they not understanding the question clearly what is it correct. Which means they do not have this understanding and therefore wouldn’t have applied it in the customer situation as well. So the focus will be more on that. Similarly in the functional assessments focusing productivity and shipment pickup, shipment pickup is you know our core and for our customer experience I will ask you that I am customer and you are a Blue Dart and I ask you to okay come to my place at this and this time to drop, and in order to reach at that time with the right accuracy, efficiency, that is the biggest area for me the starting point for my business and if in that the score is 44, I will have to look which question really gave me 44, so I will look into that question and train my people on that. So that’s a clear indication that we got as a management, you don’t have to be perfect and most of my participants would agree, but with the indication that we got from this assessment and now going back and looking at these areas instead of worrying about a singular area and doing nothing. So this is what is my take out of it.