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Master-O For
Front Line Sales

Whether it’s onboarding new sales hires, enhancing sales competencies of existing executives or improving product knowledge, Master-O provides a unique learning experience to ramp up skills & sales performance.

Customise your sales enablement content according to different roles using Master-O
Personalized learning pathway for each rep
Bite-sized, two-way interaction
Use game-based assessments to boost retention
Enable frontline sales with video based coaching to ensure higher application rate
Practice skills, techniques & key messages
Simplified access to all microlearning training documents to frontline sales in one place
Offline & convenient. Engage with clients
Identify skill gaps, fastest learners and more using next generation learning science
Track performance and compare with other sales rep
Master-O For
Sales Trainers

Reimagine your organisation’s sales enablement & training curriculum. Manage end to end learning workflows across all modes of delivery – from classroom & virtual training to digital & self-paced learning to blended learning sales programs.

Master-O enables batch management by nudging learners based on drop offs & learning event triggers
Rapid administration & launch
Master-O microskill can be used for blended learning  with curated blended learning pathways
Blend digital, virtual and physical learning
Get real time learner and manager feedback on training workshops in one platform
Capture inputs from frontline managers
Assess learners ability to apply learnings in real time through Master-O leadersboards
On the spot feedback & sales coaching
Schedule and manage training batches and workshops using using Master-O
For remote learning & live sales events
Master-O For
Content Creators

Generate or repackage existing field force enablement content at scale and customize enablement workflows for different roles.

Repackage PPT content into Microskills®
Author microlearning content at scale & speed
Contextualise for your organization
Certify your training team on digital content creation
Repackage PPT content into Microskills®
Author microlearning content at scale & speed
Contextualise for your organization
Certify your training team on digital content creation
Master-O For
Sales Managers
Fix the biggest missing piece of the sales training puzzle! Make managers believe in their influence to improve sales productivity through actionable microlearning inputs during morning huddles, weekly reviews, performance conversations and more.
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Master-O For
Sales Leaders

Showcase more specific & more accurate sales enablement outcomes

Compare and contrast adoption and engagement rates internally and against other organizations
Track & share adoption rates
Develop a learning habit in your frontline using Master-O microlearning modules
Measure the quality of enablement
Correlate learning effectiveness analyses with business parameters to showcase business results
Quantify productivity gains & time saved
Drive learning effectiveness by identifying skill and competency gaps for the workforce
Quantify sales readiness & take action
Speed and accuracy of learning through Master-O learning effectiveness reports
Link ramp up time with manager insights
Master-O for gauging learner's retention over a period of time
Correlate sales enablement with sales outcomes
Extend & Integrate
Master-O With
Existing CRM & ERP Systems to trigger smart workflows based on customer interactions
Existing LMS / LXP or Mobile Learning platforms to augment your platform’s learning experience
HRMS / HRIS platforms for Single Sign On / SAML / AD / Oauth integration
Online collaboration & conferencing platforms to improve the engagement of your virtual training sessions
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Business leaders speak about their sales enablement outcomes
Saumil Paronigar, Head of Training, IndiaFirst Life Insurance

We were certain that a new way of online learning had to progress beyond traditional eLearning and SCORM content at IndiaFirst Life Insurance.

With its focus on gamification and microlearning, Master-O gave us a mobile-first thrust using which my training team’s productivity & the field force productivity has risen in just 12 months.

Our erstwhile classroom training content has been reduced by 30%, all new learning initiatives are created using a mobile-first approach and new content creation has drastically come down by as much as 50%. What used to take 1 month can now be done in less than a couple of days, through a highly agile approach to microlearning content.

On the business side, we’ve seen strong linkages between the frontline sales who show higher accuracy on their game-based assessments with their productivity levels, month on month.

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