Frontline salesforce are key to organizations' growth. Organizations are aware that things have changed drastically - sales cycles have become increasingly complex and customers are also more informed with evolving expectations. It is therefore imperative for organizations to assess their frontline for 'sales readiness' to drive business and growth. It is also important to find out if they have the required skills, knowledge, and competencies to have effective conversations throughout the customer's journey.  

However, it has often been observed that frontline salesforce doesn't have the requisite tools, sales enablement platforms, and coaching tools they need to be successful in their given roles.  

Research supports that with the right tools and enablement, the frontline salesforce can achieve better sales outcomes, faster. With many organizations opting for microlearning, coupling it with gamified micro-assessments can create an effective approach to assess and promote the readiness of your sales force.

The sketchnote here depicts 4 ways in which organizations can prepare their frontline to be 'sales ready'.