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Master-O’s sales enablement solution allows you to leverage & customize our existing sales training content library. Contextualize the learning content for your sales force and showcase business results.

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Microskills® On Sales Enablement
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Whatever be your sales objective, Master-O has you covered. With titles ranging from improving retail sales, boosting dealer or distributor productivity to enhancing negotiation skills, our sales enablement solution comes preloaded with researched sales training content that is easy to learn and easier to apply on the job.

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Sales Productivity Based Microskills® Generate Higher Sales Conversions & Faster Sales Cycles

Sales Planning

  • How to segment your customers
  • Planning using the “bottoms-up” approach
  • Researching & leveraging social media

Selling Value

  • Identifying customer communication styles
  • Rational versus emotional buying decisions
  • Articulating & customizing your value proposition

Preparing To Pitch

  • Making a lasting first impression
  • Building rapport & instant connect
  • Understanding the customers objectives

Answering Objections

  • Understanding buyer psychology & tactics
  • Techniques to overcome objections
  • Gaining the customers trust

Understanding Customers

  • Empathizing with customers
  • Learning to speak the customers language
  • Identifying stated & latent customer needs

Negotiating & Closing Deals

  • Negotiating versus bargaining
  • Identifying cost & value-based variables
  • Building urgency & getting commitments

Our sales enablement content is available off-the-shelf and can also be customized for the following industries:

  • Retail Banking
  • Life & General Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Durables
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices
  • Telecom
  • B2B & Others

Looking to leverage your existing sales training content?

Repackage your learning content using Master-O Studio, our easy-to-use content authoring tool that enables your content team to repackage your existing SCORM, xAPI learning content into Microskills®