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Master-O’s product knowledge solution enables your workforce to sell or service your products and solutions to customers with ease.

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Product-Based Microskills® Generate Higher Sales Conversions & Faster Customer Resolutions

Our product knowledge solution empowers your product managers to repackage product brochures and marketing materials into powerful learning content or Microskills® that leverage Master-O’s unique learning experience.

Master-O empowers product managers and marketing professionals to efficiently repackage existing product brochures and other promotional materials into Microskills®. This helps in generating product awareness through Master-O’s unique learning experience!

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Product-Based Microskills® Boost Retention Of Product Content And Enhance Sales & Marketing Performance

Retail Loans

  • Introduction to loans & risk
  • Types of loans available
  • Identifying & overcoming common objections

Health Insurance

  • Importance of health insurance
  • Processing health related claims
  • Your health insurance product vs. competitor products

Credit Cards

  • How do credit cards work?
  • Importance of assessing risk
  • Understanding your bank / nbfc portfolio

Basics Of Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance 101
  • Creating a need for life insurance
  • Various life insurance policies

Mutual Funds

  • Overview of mutual funds & investing
  • Risk vs. rewards
  • Different mutual funds schemes

Gastrointestinal Therapies

  • Common GI-related therapies
  • Various active molecules & how they work
  • Your product vs. competitor therapies

Our product knowledge solution is customizable for not only your company, but also for various job roles:

  • Relationship Managers
  • Agents
  • Dealer Sales Executives
  • Store Mangers & Executives
  • Call Center Executives
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Sales Officers
  • Business Development Managers

Looking to leverage your existing product based content?

Repackage your learning content using Master-O Studio, our easy-to-use content authoring tool that enables your content team to repackage your existing SCORM, xAPI learning content into Microskills®