As selling becomes more virtual and competitive, the frontline salesforce needs quick and easy access to key information and training, while sales leaders need a faster and more convenient way to measure progress against key objectives.  

The need of the hour for sales reps today is to access bite-sized and engaging sales training content that keeps them engaged & builds a habit for sales enablement.

Here are five ways how gamification and microlearning can accelerate your salesforce productivity and create more meaningful sales enablement initiatives:

1. Managing onboarding: Virtual onboarding is more challenging than face-to-face onboarding. Sales executives are prone to frequent distractions and are less likely to feel engaged. Gamification & microlearning can provide shorter, focused, and spaced learning content that demands much less time and yet builds a habit for self-paced enablement.

2. Enhanced salesforce engagement and sales conversions: Gamification turns routine trainings into engaging & effective interfaces that incentivises sales reps to learn through trial and error. Game mechanics also mirror real world dynamics which through practice can better ready your sales rep for the next customer interaction.

3. Provide just-in-time knowledge: Frontline sales representatives require just in time knowledge while dealing with customers. Microlearning modules with their bite-sized content increase the accessibility of learning content by breaking down the training barriers and enabling sales reps to access training whenever it best suits their needs & just before the moment of application.

4. Maximising ROI: Microlearning modules require less time & cost to create and launch and can therefore maximise the organisations training budget. They increase knowledge retention and speed up the time-to-competency. They are reusable and can be repurposed according to your sales enablement objectives.

5. Learning effectiveness: Micro-assessments can help sales managers to determine whether the sales representatives are ready to apply learnings in actual sales interactions. They can identify skill gaps and embed the resulting insights during the daily huddles, weekly reviews and during other internal sales discussions.

Understanding the nuances of how & when front line sales representatives learn personalizes the learning experience, improves selling skills, and enables sales reps to become more confident to apply their knowledge on the job.

A data-driven approach to microlearning can further bridge the gap between a sales manager’s intuition and actual results about his sales team. When you empower your sales team with the right resources, materials, and sales enablement tools, they will have the ability to sell more effectively and efficiently. Meaning, your business will experience a boost in revenue and therefore, an increase in your customers and brand advocates.

So, ensure your sales and marketing teams maintain open lines of communication to access and share the content, materials, technology and software they need to reach and convert more leads into customers.

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