We are extremely pleased to share that InspireOne Technologies and our digital learning solution Master-O were the virtual conference sponsors for the largest HR technology conference in Asia in August.

Our virtual session on leveraging digital learning to improve workforce productivity was attended by over 230 business professionals and was preceded by the opening session by Josh Bersin.

We were proud to jointly run this session with our key partner – Gi Group, a global leader in HR recruitment and talent management solutions. Kartik Mohla from InspireOne Technologies and Marina Delic from Gi Group Serbia discussed three key themes on digital learning:

1.      How to leverage digital learning to upskill employees

2.      How to sustain learner engagement when implementing digital learning

3.      How to showcase learning effectiveness

The session discussed how successful implementation of digital learning involves a multi-disciplinary approach such as learning content, behavioral science, data analytics, cognitive computing and possibly many others.

There were also numerous examples of how organizations from the banking, healthcare, telecom and hospitality industries were leveraging such an approach to improve business productivity and learning effectiveness.

Additionally, each example in organizations showcased how ongoing engagement and the usage of data analytics is critical to ensure a sustainable approach.

Lastly, the effect of using a multi-disciplinary approach and ensuring ongoing engagement helps quantify learning effectiveness in the form of learner utilization, progress or completion and most importantly analyzing skill gaps.

To view the complete session and learn more about how your organization can leverage digital learning to generate business results, click here.