Are your frontline representatives prepared to ride the growth wave in the FMCG industry?

The market size of India’s FMCG sector was $ 110 billion in 2020 and is now expected to touch $ 220 billion by 20251

India’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry grew 6.4 per cent in volumes in the October-December quarter of 2023 on the back of positive consumption across the country, according to NielsenIQ (NIQ) 2.

Imagine a scenario where a distributor sales rep, between retail visits, completes a quick learning module on a newly launched product.

Through interactive quizzes and challenges, they not only learn about the product features but also master effective selling techniques. As they progress, they earn rewards and recognition, fuelling their motivation to excel. In this scenario, capability development becomes seamlessly integrated into the sales rep's daily routine, enhancing their knowledge and skills while driving tangible business results. With microlearning and gamification, FMCG companies can empower their sales & distribution teams to improve product assortment, share of shelf and other relevant KPIs.
Today's FMCG frontline reps are confronted with an array of challenges. The demands placed on them require constant vigilance to deliver top-notch customer experiences while adhering to stringent standards. Training these employees to elevate retailer visits and interactions while navigating the complexities of their roles presents a formidable task.
Here are some of the challenges faced by FMCG frontline reps:
a. Limited Time for Training: The majority of FMCG frontline reps are immersed in round-the-clock store visits, campaigns and activations, leaving them with minimal opportunities for training. With their schedules packed with customer interactions, finding time for comprehensive training sessions becomes a significant hurdle.
b. Vast Product Knowledge Requirement: Sales reps are expected to possess in-depth knowledge about a wide portfolio of products, SKUs and campaigns. From understanding product USPs to addressing retailer inquiries, this breadth of knowledge can be overwhelming to maintain.
c. Continuous Training Needs: Training in the FMCG sector must be ongoing to keep pace with evolving products, consumer preferences & spending habits, industry standards & retailer / farmer business landscape. Additionally, knowledge must be readily accessible to sales & distributors sales reps at all times and tailored to their specific roles to ensure relevance and effectiveness.
Navigating these challenges requires innovative approaches to training that address the unique demands of the FMCG industry. From leveraging technology for flexible learning solutions to implementing targeted microlearning and AI based learning, FMCG companies and commercial excellence leaders must explore creative strategies to empower their frontline reps with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in this competitive landscape.
Here are 5 ways in which frontline readiness tools such as microlearning, gamification and AI based role plays can enable to frontline reps to improve knowledge retention, enhance customer conversations and boost sales conversions:-

  1. Enhanced Product Knowledge

In the fast-paced world of FMCG, product innovations and updates occur frequently. Ensuring that sales reps are well-versed in the latest offerings is crucial for driving sales conversions. Microlearning delivers bite-sized modules that focus on specific product features, benefits, and usage scenarios. By breaking down complex information into nuggets & ensuring spaced repetition in different ways, microlearning enables frontline reps to quickly grasp key product details and communicate them effectively to customers. Gamified quizzes and challenges further reinforce learning, ensuring that product knowledge is retained and readily applied in sales interactions, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

Microlearning modules can be tailored to focus on specific selling techniques, such as objection handling, upselling, and closing strategies. Master-O® offers a suite of Off-the- Shelf Microskills which aid the frontline reps to improve their selling skills. By providing practical tips and real-world scenarios, microlearning equips sales reps with the skills they need to navigate sales conversations with confidence and finesse.

The commercial excellence and capability development team of a leading breakfast cereal brand in India, partnered with Master-O® to digitise the company’s capability development initiatives for its area sales managers and dealer sales executives on store execution, in call execution process, new product launches, et al. Since the launch in 2020, they have observed high self-paced adoption, engagement and effectiveness:

Table 1:Learning Effectiveness Report Of A Leading Breakfast Cereal Company

2. Improved Selling Skills with AI based Role Plays
Effective selling goes beyond product knowledge; it requires mastering the art of pitching, persuasion, negotiation, and relationship-building. AI-based role plays offer a dynamic platform for sales representatives to refine their skills and adapt to diverse scenarios, focusing on specific aspects of the sales process such as objection handling or closing strategies. Personalized feedback generated by AI enables sales reps to identify areas for improvement and refine strategies for increased success.

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3. On-the-Go Training Accessibility

FMCG sales reps are constantly on the move, visiting retailers and traveling between locations. Traditional training programs often struggle to accommodate their dynamic schedules. Microlearning solves this problem by delivering training content in a format that is easily accessible via mobile devices and tablets. Whether it's during downtime between appointments or during a commute, reps can engage with microlearning modules anytime, anywhere. This on-the-go accessibility ensures that training becomes seamlessly integrated into their daily routines, maximizing learning opportunities and driving continuous improvement in sales performance.
Moreover, microlearning maximizes knowledge retention. By presenting information in digestible nuggets, spaced out over time, it reinforces learning and ensures that key concepts are absorbed effectively. For FMCG sales reps tasked with remembering vast product catalogues and sales strategies, this approach proves invaluable.
A leading confectionary brand in India leveraged Master-O®’s frontline readiness platform to provide an ongoing upskilling of their 9,000 frontline reps to ensure faster go to market through a more confident and competent salesforce that is better informed on product knowledge and campaign schemes. They observed on average 5 repeat attempts per sales rep post completion of Microskill. This indicated the engaging nature of microlearning and gamification along with presentation of relevant content at right time.

4. Motivation and Engagement

Motivated and engaged sales reps are more likely to go the extra mile to secure sales conversions. Gamification injects an element of excitement and competition into the training process, motivating reps to actively participate and excel. Leaderboards, badges, and rewards fuel healthy competition among team members, driving performance improvements across the board. Additionally, gamified elements such as progress tracking and achievement milestones provide instant feedback, keeping reps engaged and invested in their own development. By tapping into intrinsic motivators and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, gamification inspires sales reps to strive for excellence and achieve higher conversion rates.

5. Data-Driven Performance Insights

In the digital age, data-driven insights are invaluable for optimizing sales strategies and driving conversions. Microlearning and gamification platforms offer robust analytics capabilities that track reps' progress, performance, and engagement levels in real-time. By analysing these metrics, sales managers and commercial excellence leaders can identify top performers, pinpoint areas for improvement, and tailor any capability development initiatives accordingly. Whether it’s addressing specific skill gaps or reinforcing successful behaviours, data-driven insights empower sales teams to maximize their effectiveness and drive higher conversion rates.

A beverage alcohol company with an outstanding collection of premium brands, understood this via the Skill Gap Analysis of its frontline reps’. Strength areas in brand history, serving suggestions and characteristics indicated that the sales executives were able to guide or assist outlets in increasing their stock and ensure proper placement and promotion.

Comparatively lower scores in ‘Range of Products’ meant sales executives could potentially struggle to convince outlets in diversifying their products / merchandize. This insight enabled trainers and sales leaders to reinforce this topic and associated skills during training sessions and offer more microlearning modules.

Table 2: Skill Gap Analysis Report

Based on a successful implementation of iterative capability development powered by Microlearning and Game-based assessments, the company is currently looking to scale the implementation to its in-store promoters in the modern trade channel and use AI based sales coaching from Master-O® to enable them to enhance their pitch to customers and large format retailers.

As FMCG companies navigate an increasingly complex marketplace, investing in innovative training solutions becomes imperative. Microlearning and gamification offer a compelling proposition, combining the flexibility of on-the-go learning with the engagement of gamified experiences, thereby also providing a consumer-like experience for the sales reps themselves. By embracing this future-forward approach to training & capability development, FMCG companies can equip their sales reps with the tools they need to succeed. From accelerating onboarding processes to keeping pace with product innovations, microlearning and gamification hold the key to unlocking the full potential of FMCG sales teams.
In conclusion, as the FMCG industry continues to evolve, so must its approach to capability development. By harnessing the power of microlearning and gamification, companies can stay ahead of the curve, empower their sales reps, and drive premiumization as well as rural penetration at the same time.

Master-O®, a frontline sales readiness and gamification platform, has powered several sales enablement & frontline readiness programs for enterprise customers and been a key driver of sales strategies for leaders across industries. To make capability development, sales enablement & engagement more personalized, Master-O® empowers sales managers tap into various data points and analytics for coaching & upskilling their frontline reps. This gives sales leaders and managers much-required objective perspective to reimagine their sales coaching, capability development & enablement approach and realign it with performance metrics.
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