Across the world, organisations, in their response to the pandemic, shifted gears to virtual workplace models and remote working practices to enable business continuity & improve employee productivity. COVID-19 accelerated large-scale digital adoption and transformation, leading to an increased need for acquiring new skills and highlighted the need to invest in digital technologies such as Learning Management Systems (LMS). Considering ever-changing business scenarios, organisations are now increasingly looking to develop capability-building initiatives by leveraging MicroLearning Platforms to upskill & train their workforce.

A quick 5-minute refresher or primer before stepping into meetings, rapid Go To Market for Product Managers and deep learning insights have become some of the major contributors to propel businesses on a growth trajectory.

Below are 10 noteworthy microlearning platforms for your organization to evaluate as you look to enhance your sales or frontline team’s capability to improve retention of knowledge, skills & productivity.

1.      EdApp

EdApp is a mobile-first LMS that lets you design engaging microlearning content with its cloud-based authoring tool. Content developers simply need to choose the responsive template that suits the organization’s learning needs and populate it with engaging videos, texts, and images. The content can be exported to SCORM or integrated with EdApp’s cloud delivery system. International multilingual organizations can leverage EdApp’s cloud translation feature to create & repackage existing content into vernacular lessons.

2.     Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that specializes in making trivia quizzes or learning games in an easy & quick manner. These games are aimed at reinforcing training and knowledge. It not only helps leaders organize data better through visual reports and analytical insights, but also helps employees retain knowledge, thus boosting performance.

Self-paced gamified challenges further boost engagement and let frontline teams get real-time feedback that ignites discussions.

3.      Master-O

Rated as a high performer in the microlearning category by G2, Master-O, is a rapidly growing mobile-first gamified microlearning platform that enables the salesforce to improve their skills effortlessly. Master-O’s cloud-based content authoring tool, lets content developers repackage their existing PowerPoint content into byte-sized microlearning format within seconds. As a microlearning platform Master-O comes in-built with 60+ plus interactive game designs, 75+ Microskills® (microlearning modules) and a rich yet simple administration interface to address various learning workflows. By leveraging behavioural psychology to nudge learners on a personalized learning path, Master-O provides the highest user adoption and quantifies retention of knowledge, while also providing extensive analytical insights for business leaders to ramp up productivity and enhance sales readiness.

4.      Grovo

Grovo makes it super easy for organizations to onboard new hires and provides engaging microlearning content on the go. Grovo’s extensive microlearning library offers 2500+ lessons on-demand on business, compliance, personal development, and other timely topics. On one hand, content developers can tailor these modules or build new courses from scratch using ready-to-go templates. On the other, organizations can also upload SCORM courses and PPT presentations and export Grovo content to AICC to port it to another LMS.

5.       MobieTrain

MobieTrain is a mobile-first LMS that revolutionizes your workplace training with its microlearning experience. Its cloud based content authoring tool lets you repackage existing content into an exciting gamified microlearning format very rapidly.

6.      Oust Labs

Oust Labs is a mobile-first microlearning platform designed to help employers engagingly train their staff. It consists of a web app, mobile apps for both Android and iOS and an authoring platform for creating learning content. Oust allows you to deliver voluminous content in the form of short gamified micro-courses. The entire learning process on the platform is built around the principles of gamification. Learners earn coins and badges that can be exchanged for gifts or cash.

7.       mLevel

mLevel is a microlearning and gamification platform that makes it easy to build and share game-based learning activities. The authoring tool is completely templated which lets you create games, flashcards, simulations & role-plays. The platform also supports gamification through leaderboards, to ignite employees’ competitive spirit.  Business leaders can generate analytical reports that let them deep dive into individual learners and user groups and see data by course, topic, or question.

8.       Otto Learn

An agile microlearning platform, OttoLearn delivers bite-sized content to learners paired with knowledge cards for performance support. The platform promotes personalized training, which means you can assign your employees Mastery Goals for specific knowledge areas, and the platform will continuously modify the training plan to adjust to the performance of each learner. Through nudges, users are prompted to take part in Mastery Moments™ that involve them in a 2-minute set of activities created to identify and fill knowledge gaps.

9.      Ving

Ving identifies itself as a microburst safety training and information sharing tool. The technology pioneered by Ving not only mitigates the risk of job-related injury but also provides exceptional employee engagement through its customized microlearning library of content on compliances, regulations & policies. Colour coded analytics makes it highly efficient for HR Leaders to track individual course competition progress and accelerates the onboarding process for new hires.

10.     ArcLab

ArcLab goes one step further and introduces us to a world of Nano learning which focuses on covering a single training objective. Breaking the byte-sized microlearning content further into granular nano learning content gives L&D managers the flexibility to string Nano Learning modules together to form a coherent sequence of learning for staff to follow and apply the knowledge learnt in their jobs.

What Are Microlearning Platforms?

Microlearning platforms sometimes get classified or confused with LMS (Learning Management Systems) or Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) . LMS or LXP and microlearning platforms vary in the problems they help businesses solve and their intended target audiences. Microlearning platforms are designed to fit into the workflow for desk-based or deskless or mobile employees to help improve specific role-based knowledge. On the other hand, LMS platforms focus on administering, managing, and reporting on corporate training often for compliance purposes. Most modern Microlearning platforms integrate with an organization’s LMS platform to enable companies enhance the learning experience by incorporating microlearning for enhancing role-based skills and creating learning pathways that are targeted to a specific business problem or challenge.

Unlike LMS platforms, organizations might also need to upskill their internal L&D (and even marketing) teams to make the best use of Microlearning platforms. Platform providers offer unique certifications on this regard to ensure the organization benefits from an enhanced learning experience as well as a future-proof L&D team.

Have we missed out on any of your go-to Microlearning Platforms?

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