Levers & Metrics




1. Buy-In From Key Stakeholders


Effortless learning & blending learning in the flow of work


Showcase learning promos & “learning roadshows”

Internal content team

Incentivizing team to deliver quality microlearning content

At launch & ongoing

Certification on creating microlearning content

Internal training team

Reducing effort for managing training programs

Post launch & ongoing

Facilitation sessions & digital clinics

Course management system

2. Integrations

Launching learners

Creating learner logins

One week before launch

HRMS/ADFS/3rd Party


Access for learners

Login credentials for learners

At launch

Single Sign On

Learner management & Data Migration from legacy systems

Regular updates to learners demographics

Ensuring seamless continuity in both experience and data from past systems


Data migration: During beta testing

HRMS / CRM integrations

Data Migration: Creating a migration and loss prevention plan and creating data pipeline flows during beta phase

3. Internal Communications (Approach Image Below)


Build excitement to set the stage for strong adoption

Twice a week from one month to launch

Contextually crafted teaser posters and emailers


Sync communication across the company for successful launch

Every day for first 15 days and thereafter staggered

Action oriented communication messages and alerts


Drive adoption and utilization towards set targets

Every week

Messages from business leaders, Leaderboard across the managerial & trainer hierarchy

4. Project / Change Management

Systems training

Transition to a new system through seamless training

Up to one month from launch

Webinar based launch shows for all stakeholders

Engaging business / managers

Syncing business strategy with learning objectives


Hierarchy based manager level dashboards

Sustaining engagement

Ensuring sustained usage and effectiveness of the platform


Competition between regions / teams, correlation with business performance

5. Launch Content

Cohort driven or role-based learning paths are a key to driving successful learning (and business) outcomes

Personalized content for learners as a key to drive adoption & utilization

At launch & ongoing

Contextualized content for: Sales for Banassurance Managers, Sales for Agency, Direct sales to retail customers

Internal Communications To Drive & Sustain Change