Learn, retain and apply a new skill on the job with Master-O’s uniquely packaged bite-sized learning content called Microskills®

Learn New Skills


Learn any type of Microskill® from our
off-the-shelf learning content to customized content for your organization or industry

PlayRetain skills


Retain through exposure to real-world scenarios and repeated practice on Microskills® delivered in different game designs

Apply skills on the job


Apply a newly acquired Microskill®, in a
time-bound setting, to a project on the job

Developing skills for the modern workforce
Based on our partnerships with global training providers, our library of Microskills® covers an extensive range of learning content.
This content is based on over 70 years of experience and research across industries and geographies.
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Global training provider in customer service & business productivity

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Leadership development based on over 35 years of research

With an ever growing library of Microskills® the learning experience on Master-O is customized for the
organization and personalized for the learner

Boost Sales Productivity

Improve sales productivity for your front line sales force with globally benchmarked sales training content

  1. Planning: Learn how to source prospects by planning your time and territory and learn to prioritize your accounts to maximize productivity
  2. Identifying needs: Learn to identify the short term and long term needs and wants of the customer and understand how to articulate stated and unstated needs
  3. Answering objections: Learn how you can handle customer objections, handle customer's resistance and respond professionally to tactics
And much more
Boost Sales Productivity

Leverage Microlearning to Boost Sales Productivity

Enhance Product Knowledge

Enhance Product Knowledge

Enable your workforce to always remember the key features of your products and is more comfortable to sell and service all of them, not just a select few!

  1. Improve the understanding and retention of your products
  2. Ensure your sales and customer service teams are aware of all product updates
  3. Ensure your sales force is comfortable with the technical aspects of your products
And much more

Deliver Memorable Customer Service

Enable your future leaders to effectively transition from brilliant contributors to inspiring people managers

  1. Developing a service mindset: Understand why it is important to develop a service mindset. Learn about concepts such as Material/ Personal Service, Internal/External customers among others
  2. Enhancing service skills: Learn service skills such as building rapport, problem solving process, understanding body language
  3. Complaint handling: Change the way you perceive customer complaints and learn how you can build a relationship with irate customers
And much more
Deliver Memorable Customer Service
Improve Personal Effectiveness

Improve Personal Effectiveness

Enable your workforce to get twice or more output from the same time and same resources

  1. Goal setting: Learn how to articulate your goals and determine what you need to do to achieve your goals
  2. Planning & prioritizing: Recognize the importance of planning & learn the five principles of prioritizing to make your workday as productive and meaningful as possible
  3. Assertiveness: Learn how being assertive enables you to achieve more and focus more time on what truly matters for your role
And much more

Develop Future Leaders

Equip your employees to become digital savvy by understanding digital applications and building a digital mindset

  1. Transitioning into a new role: Learn how to manage expectations and achieve results as you transition from an individual contributor to a people manager
  2. Feedback & coaching: Learn how to boost your team’s performance by providing ongoing feedback and engaging in constructive coaching conversations
  3. Influencing: Learn how to map and identify win-win situations with peers, customers, managers and other stakeholders
And much more
Develop Future Leaders
Create Customized Learning Content

Create Customized Learning Content

Do you wish to create microskills on your content? No problem! Using Master-O content authoring feature and / or the support of our content team, you can create bespoke microskills tailor made to help achieve your specific learning objectives

  1. Interlink the key features of your products with our world class content on selling skills
  2. Equip your workforce to better understand your organizations’ values, vision and competencies
  3. Convert compliance related learning content such as Company Policies, Health & Safety into microskills
And much more




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