Master-O App for learning & development

Master-O: Designed for effortless microlearning

Skilled workforce for modern workplaces

Better Skilled Workforce

Prepare your workforce for upcoming challenges with
Master-O’s gamified and effortless microlearning experiences.

Improved learning agility at work

Improved Retention & Effectiveness

Master-O is fun. Use our custom designed learning aids & game designs to increase learning effectiveness & retention.

Beautiful LMS

Soothing Learning Experience

Exciting visceral learning experiences
that can lead to improved retention.

LMS for HR Managers

Lasting HR Impact for better workplaces

Master-O empowers HR managers with powerful insights and toolkits for sustainable development.

How to incentivize sales teams

Incentivize Employee Progress

Make use of our behavioural science engine to drive the right behaviors and reward great performance!

Modern LMS App

Exclusivity Guaranteeed

Master-O works differently for different goals. Organizations can use its powerful interface to curate and create content that stands apart.

Master-O: It's Impactful. It's Powerful.

Master-O App for learning & development
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Because Master-O is fun to learn on, your teams will always experience high learner utilization.
is the increment value an organization experienced in their sales productivity, after using Master-O for their learning & development needs.

Organizations love and entrust Master-O with their workforce’s learning & development objectives.

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Master-O: How Does The 30-Day Pilot Work?

Transform how your workforce learns new skills today. Sign-up for Master-O’s 30 day pilot now!