Effortless microlearning for your organization

Create learning content as Microskills®

Repackage your learning content

Take your existing SCORM, xAPI or PowerPoint content and reimagine it through game design to make it more engaging and effective.

Modular & flexible content

Our Microskill structure can be used for standalone digital learning, blended learning journeys, flipped classroom and many more.

Content created with data

Learning content is blended with game-design and behavioral psychology to create sharper, data-driven insights.

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Learning with real games!

Use our proven game designs for effective learning

Our ever growing library of games include some of the most engaging and highly contextualized experiences, designed for quick learning experiences.

Engage your learners using gaming & gamification


Involve your learning & development team to make push-based learning fun through points, badges and leaderboards.


Nudge learners based on drop offs, learning event triggers, competition and much more.


Custom reports on dashboard or as email triggers allow you to track what you want, when you want & how you want.

Gaurantee learning effectiveness & business results


Identify skill gaps, fastest learners, proactive learners and much more, using next generation learning science


Compare and contrast adoption and completion rates internally and against other organizations

Business Impact

Correlate learning effectiveness analyses with business parameters to showcase business results