How Gamified Microlearning can Boost Sales Productivity – Digital Learning Session @ NGDC 2017

NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2017 – Selling While Learning (Playing)

We were proud to speak in the Applied Gaming Track at NASSCOMs Annual game conference – NGDC 2017 – on ‘How games can boost sales productivity for organizations’.

The session discussed three key things:

  • How we perceive time when it comes to learning vs gamingDigital Learning vs Playing
  • Building interactive learning (and gaming) experiences that are short and in line with the amount of time today’s learners spend to learn new skills.
  • Common themes that exist between gaming and selling and how we can leverage them to help salespeople sell more effectively.

It is a known fact that today’s employees spend only 1% of their time in a week on learning, which adds up to 3 to 5 minutes every day. While leveraging gamification and mobile learning may not increase the time that learners spend on learning, a well thought out gamified microlearning experience can ensure higher engagement in the 3 to 5-minute window of opportunity. This is especially true for millennials given that they are likely compete with other interesting applications such as social media or other games for the same amount of time.

In the age of digital transformation, digital learning can be beneficial if it is combined with microlearning content, game design (& gamification), psychology & data science.

Additionally, a truly digital learning experience for learners would also need to identify how and at what point to leverage in-person learning experiences.

Panel Discussion - Digital Learning @ NGDC 2017

At the NASSCOM session, we discussed this multidisciplinary approach to digital learning and how digital learning can tackle four of the most challenging problems that front-line salespeople face:

  • Sales Planning
  • Probing Skills
  • Selling Value &
  • Objection Handling

Lastly, we spoke about how showcasing the effectiveness of microlearning with data can help sales leaders learn more about their sales force in terms of learning agility, retention as well as future learning support required by each front-line sales person to become more productive on the job. This approach would pave the way for an even more personalized (and more gamified) microlearning experience.

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