About Master-O

Our mission at InspireOne Technologies is to continue to make an employee’s learning experience as effective, engaging and enjoyable as possible.

We do this through a team of cross functional experts in learning science, behavioral psychology, mobile game design and bite sized learning content called Microskills.

We believe today’s employee is hard pressed for time when it comes to learning new skills. Yet, he is required to constantly learn, re-learn and unlearn skills to be effective on the job.

Similarly, organizations endeavor to constantly find the perfect learning solution which provides contextual and engaging bite sized learning experiences at scale and enables organizations to better link learning outcomes with business impact.

The outcome, is Master-O

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What Learners Are Saying About Master-O

“All product knowledge under one roof! Excellent app for learning.”


“The games are super addictive and have personally helped me learn and retain the content.”

Neerav Jain

“I love how interactive the learning part of the app is. It makes understanding the content so much easier.”

Adhiraj Ghose

“Master-O makes learning fun! I’m very happy that I am able to handle clients better now, all thanks to Master-O!”

Renid Chazhoor

“What an interesting way to learn! The app has helped me apply concepts of customer service at work and has helped me improve my performance.”

Shinoj Joseph

“The app is very user friendly and engaging. Whenever I have time, I open the app to play games. Can I get more content on the app please?”

Biplab Panigrahi




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